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​It appears Urban Outfitters is responsible for more than just dressing up the hipster elite. The popular clothier has made the debut album Crazy For You from lo-fi pop duo Best Coast available via an album stream (for all intents and purposes, the album was leaked three days ago). Crazy For You is the brainchild of ex-Pocohaunted member Bethany Cosentino who, with multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, form the lo-fi/garage rock/chillwave sounds of Best Coast. For many, the first taste of Best Coast was the yearning, fuzzed-out masterpiece "Something in the Way," from the similarly titled 2010 EP. Crazy For You finds the band expanding on this fantastically vintage-feeling sound with a heavy weight of expectations from those music outlets teeming at the bit since they first heard Best Coast. It's clear to see Cosentino and Bruno have hit their lo-fi stride in Crazy For You, so check out the album stream to hear for yourself -- you don't want to miss the brilliance that is lead track "Boyfriend."

Crazy For You is scheduled to be released July 27 via Mexican Summer.

UPDATE: If you didn't like the link provided by Urban Outfitters (or just don't want to associate with them) then you can hear the entire album at Wichita Recordings

Too lazy to click that link? Fine, I'll embed the damn player. Enjoy.

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