The Pixies Coming to Mesa Ampitheatre

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The Pixies: You just heard they suck live.
The Pixies are coming to town. Punknews is reporting that the band will play Mesa Amphitheatre on September 24 as part of a smallish tour. That means you will soon have the chance to be underwhelmed by the band's show in person.

I've come to believe that being unimpressed by The Pixies live is sort of a rite of passage for indie rock fans. As Jay Bennett wrote a few weeks ago in one of his daily Nothing Not New posts, he had the experience. As we discussed in a recent Podcast, I did too. Everyone I ever talk to about seeing the band has a similar experience: medium to high expectations met with a big letdown.

So, kids, if you've loved playing "Wave of Mutilation" on Rock Band, you'll soon have the chance to think the band totally sucks in concert. w00t!

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I love the songs so I love the band. Seeing the band live playing the songs that I love...PRICELESS!!!


so i guess so far everyone seems to be excited to see this band on friday except the dude who wrote this lame article, which has no substance to it whatsoever. i thought i would be reading something interesting and factual. i guess bias criticism is easier to write. i have seen them before and i will see them again on friday. i hope to see you there martin. i'll buy you a beer so you can loosing up!

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