Phoenix Lilith Fair Date Canceled Without Comment: Is This SB 1070 Fallout?

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The July 8 Lilith Fair tour stop scheduled for July 8 at Cricket Wireless Pavilion in Phoenix has been canceled.

Live Nation's only statement on the matter is, "We apologize for any inconvenience."

We've received no response from an inquiry about why directed at the promoter's publicist.

Last week Go Go's singer Belinda Carlisle called for a cancellation of the show as part of the SB 1070 boycott. The Arizona Republic seems to conclude the two incidents are related, although the paper provides no citation for its information about Carlisle (and, as far as I can tell, Phoenix New Times is the only outlet which reported that incident).

Though, I'm the person who originally reported about Carlisle's facebook post calling for a boycott (which was subsequently deleted) I'm not willing to connect these dots yet. Maybe the Republic's Ed Masley knows something I don't, though? Or maybe he has a source for that info on Carlisle -- none is cited and I think we all know where he read it.

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