Patrick Watson to Play Happy Hour Show at Rhythm Room Friday

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Sweeps week is just around the corner which means you'll soon be left without Grey's Anatomy's indie rock picks for a few months. Feast before the famine as Patrick Watson comes to Rhythm Room Friday. The Californian/Canadian has been called "strange, beguiling, beautiful, moving" by NME and a writer for NPR's All Songs Considered once said "I've found a new musical love and his name is Patrick Watson."

And Watson has been Grey's -- that wasn't just a funny way to describe his music. There's an MP3 below and, if you dig it, you guy buy advance tickets here. Actually, this is sort of a weird show in that it's scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and there will be barbecue and drink specials at the downtown Phoenix club. Should be a fun way to start the weekend.

Patrick Watson by muziekje

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