Flier of the Week: Mergence at Yucca Tap Room


This flier might look old-fashioned, since the image is from a vintage cigarette advertisement for Tiplaet, but don't think the show at Yucca Tap Room this Friday, May 14 will be fuddy-duddy. The bands on the bill, which include Mergence, Banana Gun, Honey Pistol, Sister Cities and Wizards of Time, are influenced by a wide variety of contemporary acts, including Fiona Apple, Radiohead and Counting Crows--definitely an eclectic mix of sounds on the line-up.

"What's so special about this show is the amazing originality in all the bands--rootsy blues and rock all the way to modern indie and alternative music," says Mergence singer/guitarist Adam Bruce. "You hear so many different sounds and different styles coming out, yet, somehow, we all fit in together. The night will be sure to keep listeners entertained and on their toes."

Mergence will be playing songs off their yet-to-be-released new album, Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead, including the upbeat, catchy rock track "Dynamite & Kerosene."

Now, whether any of the bands' members agree with the flier's tag line, "Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere," (which, yes, was on the actual advertisement back in the day), is another story. The show's free and starts at 8 p.m. Check out www.myspace.com/mergence for more info.

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