Club Candids: The Vig Uptown

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We've come to expect attractive people to be at The Vig Uptown.
The Vig in Arcadia has been a frequent card we've played when we're deciding on a place to stop for a bite to eat and a tasty cocktail. So when we heard about the opening of the Vig Uptown, we were more than willing to check it out.

The restaurant and bar recently opened on 16th Street, just north of Bethany Home Road. The renovated Ralph Haver building is entirely indoor -- although you wouldn't quite know it. The back room of the restaurant is so roomy, it feels like an outdoor patio. They certainly recreated the vibe of the original Vig with superior lighting, tasty eats, and, yes, a Bocce Ball court.

It's no wonder the attractive and well-dressed patrons flocked to this spot on Friday, May 21. See for yourself in the slideshow.

The Vig Uptown, 6015 North 16th Street, 602-553-7227,

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