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We put out the call and Arizona's music community responded.

Phoenix New Times is very proud to officially introduce A Line in the Sand, a compilation of protest songs from Arizona artists opposed to SB 1070, the crazy new immigration law which will, in effect, mandate racial profiling of Hispanics to suss out those who can be deported.

The contributors span the entire gamut of Phoenix's music community -- one band is still in high school, another is led by a middle-aged marketing professional, one folk-punk outfit just had a song on the soundtrack of a Michael Moore movie, another rapper is signed to a Def Jam imprint -- and I wouldn't have it any other way. We hope that A Line in the Sand shows the rest of the country that there is brave and loud portion of our community who hates this law and everything that it represents.

Proceeds will be given to Puente and No More Deaths. The full tracklist is below. Also, we'd like to thank 101 Distribution for all their help in helping us get this project together in such a short time span.


1. Lady Liberty, Andrew Jackson Jihad
2. Back to Mexico (SB 1070 Diss), Willy Northpole Featuring MC Magic
3. Mexican You Show Me Your Papers?, Joey Arroyo Band
4. Hey Liberty Bell, Lhasa Apso
5. Brokeback Heart, Kirkwood Dellinger
6. Black Morning Sunrise, River Jones
7. Death of SB 1070, Rich Rico
8. Runaway Trail, Apollo Poet
9. What Is Going On?, Radiorain
10. Immigration Clampdown, DFactor
11. Passive Aggression, Porches
12. The Same in My Boots, Dust Jacket
13. All Along, The Haymarket Squares
14. A Song For The Movement Of People, John Luther
15. The Soundtrack Of A Revolution!, Peachcake
16. TMKF, Hashknife Outfit
17. Back 2 AZ (anti 1070), Queen YoNasDa, DJ John Blaze, Tajji Sharp, Yung Face, Mr. Miranda, Ocean, Da'aron Anthony, Atllas, Chino D, Nyhtee, Pennywise, Rich Rico, and Da Beast

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please do what you can to protect us from complete anarchist teaching anti american sentiments in tucson schools and to hate usa is disgusting and so very wrong no matter WHAT people think, sorry you hate our Country, I love American and was taught to stand up for others and even misguided haters. I support builiding the fence to show were not havingany more of this and the hate that spreads from it. Do the right thing, don't support a magazine that bullys others and exploits people. They call YOU a USEFUL IDOIOTS (voters for their liberal elite greed like this magazine) You don't have to be fooled.


anti americans and anyone supporting anarchy which is true of the now found out liberal jared loughner.

My point: don't read a radical extremist rag mag like this IF you want to be an American. Ifyou don't understand something about sb1070, fine. If you disagree, fine. You may NOT try to masquerade as a martyr or a hero for encouraging any form of amnesty. if you are in a troubled siutation don't blame someonelse. If you refuse to get in line for LEGAL immigration and worry about "racial profiling" then I would be happy to show you the entire situation from fellow Hisanics that are Patriotic and do want to legally follow a path that is already in place.

lady az
lady az

The man behind Illegal Immigration, Az.misses the greatest american patriot...TerryAnderson.

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