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AZ Cacophony
Holy look-alikes Batman! Some of the action from last year's Epic Super Hero Battle.
If comic book flicks have taught us anything, it's that sequels can be a hit or miss proposition. Sure, Superman II, Spider-Man 2, and The Dark Knight were cool as hell, but they were in the minority when compared to such sorry second acts as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Blade 2.

So when word was announced that the kooky cats of AZ Cacophony were staging a second annual Epic Superhero Battle this weekend, we had somewhat mixed emotions. Will it be as awesome as last year's encounter (which saw dozens of wanna-be Wonder Women and pseudo Supermen engaged in a Nerf gun/waterballoon fight outside of Fashion Square Mall)?

We can only hope, since the madcap melee got plenty of amusing and confusing looks from well-to-do onlookers and was truly a blast to watch.

One thing that this year's battle has going for it is the fact that it coincides with this weekend's premiere of Kick-Ass, the Hollywood extravaganza featuring noted comic geek Nicolas Cage. In fact, participants in the ESHB will be watching the cinematic version of pseudo superheroes after they get done pretending to be superheroes themselves.

How very meta.

Hit the jump for all the important details on how to participate in the ESHB, as well as the other low-cost/no-cost events taking place this weekend.

Desert Trash Fest at Big Fish Pub (Friday):
Speaking of superheroes, we're pretty sure Marco Polo qualifies as being one. The Latino rockabilly musician is larger than life, he's often dressed up in fancy duds, and he definitely has special powers, in this case the ungodly ability to pluck an upright bass guitar. See this übermensch in action during the annual Desert Trash Fest, which will feature music from Polo's Curse of the Pink Hearse, as well as such Mexican punk bands as Los 13 Muertos and 4ta Conkista. Valley rockers Creepsville 666 and The Ugly Americans share the bill. 7 p.m., $8. (1954 East University Drive Tempe, 480-449-3474)

Dead Hot Workshop at 910 Live (Friday):
One of the Valley's most renowned rock bands -- veterans of the venerated mid-90s jangle-pop scene that produced the Gin Blossoms -- are holding their first-ever gig at Tempe's 910 Live. For those of you who's memory of the local music scene doesn't go past 2004, here's a bit of history: 910 Live served as the old Boston's way back in the day, an infamous rock club with a long history of hosting Valley bands, including Dead Hot Workshop. Be sure to stop by the joint this weekend if you'd like to witness history coming full circle. 8 p.m., $5. (910 North McClintock Drive, Tempe, 480-966-0707)

Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour at Red Hot Robot (Friday):
"Johnny Earle, a.k.a. - Johnny Cupcakes, is living proof that you don't need money, power, or amazing products to be a successful entrepreneur. A few years ago, Johnny was hawking t-shirts with cupcakes printed on them out of his beat-up '80s Toyota. Now, he has three boutiques, a Young Entrepreneur award from BusinessWeek, and a cult following. Lucky bastard. Johnny is now successful enough to be sipping margaritas on a beach surrounded by busty blondes. However, he's going back to peddling tees out of his car for the nostalgic Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour. Meet Johnny, peep six new shirt designs, and get tips on how to turn half-baked ideas into marketing gold." 8 p.m., free. (14 West Camelback Road, 602-264-8560) -- Wynter Holden

Arizona Rattlers vs. Chicago Rush at US Airways Center (Friday):
Pop quiz, hot shot: What's the only football team in the Valley to win a national championship? Hint, it's neither the Cardinals nor the Sun Devils for that matter (both teams got achingly close to grabbing their respective brass rings but ultimately came up short). Here's the answer: it's Arizona Rattlers, which took home the Arena Football League title in 1994 and 1997. After taking last season off due to the bankruptcy of the AFL, the Rattlers are returning to action this summer. And they've got a massive deal to get local sports fans to turn out for their season opener this weekend: Tickets are completely free and are available at various locations throughout the metro area. Visit www.azrattlers.com to find out where to go. 7:30 p.m. (201 East Jefferson Street)

AZ Bike Week in Cave Creek (Friday-Sunday):
Word to the wise: Be sure to watch your mirrors while driving around town this weekend. How come? Because there's gonna be more than a few motorcyclists riding their steel steeds on the highways and byways of the Valley. No, our town hasn't been invaded by the Hell's Angels (that we know of), it's just that the annual celebration of Arizona Bike Week is going on. Hundreds of hawg lovers and their babes will be heading up to Cave Creek -- pretty much ground zero for bikers -- for a number of events, including all-day blowouts at the Hideaway Grill (6746 East Cave Creek Road) and the Buffalo Chip (6811 East Cave Creek Road). These Harley hootenannies include numerous drink specials, giveaways, prizes, games, vendors, and other fun. 10 a.m.

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