Nothing Not New: Podcast #4

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Peter M. Storch
​Oh, do we have a show for you this time around. We're all very excited here at New Times studios because we've grasped the podcast technology to the point that our shows almost sound passable.

But you're not listening to this stuff to hear music editor Martin Cizmar (he even says the "f" word on this show. Don't ever mention Beastie Boys; he can't abide those guys) and I yammer. You're listening for the music, right? Check out this week's playlist after the jump.

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1. "Nothing Like You" -- Frightened Rabbit
2. "Unstoppable" -- Foxy Shazam
3. "Wheels" -- Black Francis
4. "You Must Be Out of Your Mind" -- Magnetic Fields
5. "Microphone Killa" -- Freeway
6. "King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs" -- Murder by Death
7. "Better Times" -- Beach House
8. "Flash Delirium" -- MGMT
9. "Torture Me" -- Harlem
10. "Fight for Your Right to Party" -- The Hot Rats

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