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Benjamin Leatherman
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Welcome to Stripper Songs, a weekly feature that proves not all Phoenix strippers bump and grind to Warrant's "Cherry Pie" of Flo Rida's "Low."

Of the dozens of adult cabarets and peepshows littering the Valley landscape, Diamond Jacks Gentlemans club is something of a diamond in the rough. This scintillating strippeteria stands out from its competitors (as well as the blighted stretch of University Drive it sits upon) due to its bevy of bodacious and beautiful African-American dancers and a tendency to play nothing but hip-hop tracks, Top 40 hits, and urban jams. 

Self-described by its proprietors as the "only hip-hop strip club in Phoenix," DJs lives up to its boast by hosting such nights at Pornstar Thursdays and Freakum Saturdays, as well as any number of off-the-hook weekend parties that occasionally feature such big-name recording artists as Too $hort.

It makes for an interesting backdrop to encounter a dancer like Aries, who's the focus of this week's edition of Stripper Songs. This super slim siren looks like the kinda girl we'd normally see strutting around the annual Phoenix Comicon, instead of working the stage at DJs. 

Read on for the...uh, skinny on her background and which particular song she enjoys getting down to.
Benjamin Leatherman
Aries of Diamond Jacks: lover of both Kanye and kanji
Name: Aries

Age: 21

Club: Diamond Jacks Gentlemans Club, 3845 East University Drive

Explanation behind her stage name: "It's easy to be heard over music, and it's my horoscope sign."

The song: "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West.

Why she likes it: While she's usually busy three or four nights a week mixing and mingling at Diamond Jacks, this pulchritudinous pixie spends the rest of her time enjoying Japanese anime, comic books and other nerdy ephemera and media. The 21-year-old geeky gaijin goddess is also a devotee of cosplay, and claims she drops some serious money into creating outfits similar to her favorite anime characters.

Given her Japanophile proclivities, one might think she would prefer to strip to songs by such Nipponese bands as Shonen Knife or perhaps The's instead of one of the signature anthems of the Louis Vuitton Don.

"Nah," she says. "I just like listening to Kanye when I dance, and this is a hip-hop place so stuff like that gets played a lot."

Current schedule: Various nights throughout the week after 4 p.m.

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