Adult Swim, Sticky Fingers, Inkenstein's Anniversary, and More

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Some of the bathing beauties in attendance at last year's Adult Swim.
It's been a helluva week for Jen Deveroux. The scenester princess and party promoter has been shadowed over the past few nights by a camera crew filming a documentary on the PHX club scene and she's also participating in tonight's FUSE Friday fiesta at Bar Smith. If that weren't enough, Adult Swim -- the annual summer time pool party series she co-promotes with William Fucking Reed and Jared Alan -- kicks off this weekend.

No wonder Deveroux sounds a little beat on the phone.

"It was a late night last night," she says, describing how said camera crew filmed her and boyfriend DJ Tricky T at the weekly Blunt Club session at Yucca Tap.

Regardless of her fatigued state, Deveroux will continue partying hard this weekend, which is exactly what we suggest you do too. In addition to the Adult Swim kick-off at the Days Inn, there are nine other awesome events worth partaking in, all of which will cost you less than $10 bucks (including a few pre-Cinco soirees).

UPDATE: Unfortunately for Deveroux and company, Adult Swim was kicked from the hotel by Days Inn management only a few, uh...days after the launch party due to noise complaints. Per a quick conversation I had with Deveroux, she and Reed will be on the lookout for a new home. Stay tuned for more info...

Read on for the full rundown.

Sticky Fingers at Rips Ales & Cocktails (Friday)
With their predilection for couture coifs and garish fashion, it's sometimes difficult to tell one hipster DJ apart from the rest. So it's kinda telling that William Fucking Reed differentiates some of the residents for his new Sticky Fingers weekly not only by their names and music tastes, but also by appearance. "There's Edgar, who's got Bay City Roller hair, wears flared pants and is always super glammed out. He'll be playing glitter rock." Reed says. "And Doubletrouble is these two girls Kelly Calabrese and Kaitlyn Nelson who do a lot of garage rock and glam. And they're pretty, pretty hot." Stop by Rips Ales & Cocktails, 3045 North 16th Street, on Friday, April 30, during the launch party and you're also likely to see such stylish cats as Kristoefur (funk and soul), Shane Gambill (post punk), and the Rock 'n' Roll Dance Patrol in the mix. The weekly fashion and dance music fiesta will also feature VJ Matt Castleberry mixing vintage concert videos, CD and concert ticket giveaways, hairstylists on premises, and more. 10 p.m., $5 cover after 11. (3045 N. 16th St.)

Calabrese at The Underground (Friday)
The Valley's favorite horror punk act are scheduled to rock the subterranean Mesa venue, but they won't be alone. Fellow freaks The Limit Club, Dead City Saints, and No Other Opinion, will also be assaulting eardrums all night long. 7 p.m., $8. (105 W. Main St., Mesa).

PCL Fridays at Pussycat Lounge (Friday)
There's just over five months until the Red Bull Thre3Style national finals go down in Denver, and Phoenix's JR Phillips (a.k.a. D-JR) is probably gonna need all that time to perfect his turntable talents. The 26-year-old mixmaster bested six other P-town cats last month to earn a berth in the energy drink-sponsored 13-city DJ competition and will hopefully pwn sucka selectas from across the country in the Mile High City this fall. Phillips will get in plenty of practice between now and then, as he works the wheels of steel at Old Town clubs five nights a week, including his Friday slot at Pussycat Lounge. D-JR will drop a mix of hot spins and party rocking music with aplomb all evening during the affair, which is being promoted with the swaggerish tagline "Chicks dig our decks." Let's hope the Thre3Style judges agree. 8 p.m., free. (4426 N. Saddlebag Trail in Scottsdale)

Steady Mobbin at Hidden House (Friday)
DJ impresario Al Page is planning a off-the-hook evening of West Coast hip-hop music at the CenPho nightspot, and his allies in this endeavor include such cats as Bigie, Blesd One, Kris the Fist, and others. 9 p.m., $5. (607 W. Osborn Rd.)

The Gaslamp Killer at Club Red (Saturday)
In general, we like to steer clear of weirdos with three names, not wanting to become a serial killer's victim. In the case of William Benjamin Bensussen, we'll make an exception. Under his nom de turntable, The Gaslamp Killer, he's slayed tracks from behind the ones and twos. GLK lays down thorough boom-bap drums and thumping basslines before he throws in a kitchen sink full of funk, psychedelic rock, and anything else that isn't bolted down. Originally named for the downtown Gaslamp District in his hometown of San Diego, Bensussen has moved to Los Angeles, where a steady regimen of performances, recording, and remixes has kept his knife sharp. 9 p.m., $8. (2155 E. University Dr., Tempe) -- Jose Gonzalez

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