Phoenix Fashion Week Spring Preview: 'W' is for Wait

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Does anything run on schedule anymore? We've heard of "theatre time," in which shows from the lamest high school production to Broadway showstoppers start fifteen minutes after curtain. Then there's "poet time," a lame excuse to hold the start of a spoken word show until there's a decent size crowd.

Photo by Adriane Goetz
Killer boots, killer wait. 
​Last night's Spring Preview of Phoenix Fashion Week at the W Scottsdale introduced us to "model time," the unspoken law that makes it acceptable to start a thirty minute long event over two hours after its scheduled time. Way to milk guests for more $5 bottles of water and $12 cocktails, W hotel!

The party kicked off at 7 p.m. with a VIP cocktail hour at Bronze Boutique, a nail salon and spa within walking distance of the hotel. Word has it that there were people lined up on the street to get in; perhaps because the first 50 people to show up snagged a $20 gift certificate. At 9 p.m., it was off to the W Hotel's rooftop infinity pool for the fashion preview. Or 10. Or 10:30. Or 11:15....whatever, you know.

In the meantime, hundreds of highlighted blondes in miniskirts up to their Vicki's Secret thongs poured into the W. As one guest pointed out, fashion is all about being unique. So we were surprised to see so many women looking the same. Ninety percent of the crowd wore very short-cut dresses with a little glitz and teetering, strappy heels.

Then there were the originals, like one older woman in a while broomstick skirt, white hat and fluffy crocheted top carrying a purse dog, nicknamed "Little Bo Peep" by the woman sitting behind us during the show. That took guts, especially at the W -- kudos to you, Bo Peep!

Photo by Adriane Goetz
Vintage prints are in, vintage prices are out.
​The fashion show was short and (mostly) sweet. If this show is an indication, this year's fashion buzzword will be "retro." Banana Moon of Monaco introduced a line of swimsuits that incorporated vintage floral prints and other retro elements. Mainly bikinis, but a few one-pieces for those of us who prefer to cover up the tummy. Nothing spectacular here, but a few standouts including a classy black one-piece with stepped cutout sides and a pretty white bikini with a triangular top and vintage printed bottom.

Look like a misfit in this too big, shapeless shift!
​Next, Moody Blues showed off their line of tight-ass jeans and cotton tops. Surprising that a mall store made it to Phoenix Fashion Week preview... Perhaps they were Plan B on denim dealers, as the preview materials didn't mention Moody Blues. Heavy acid wash pair from the '80s aside, the jeans were sassy.

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