Nothing Not New: Podcast #2

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​Hey, we're back with another podcast for your listening pleasure. This time around, music editor Martin Cizmar joined me as we talked into the internal microphone of my office's Mac G5 to create podcast magic.

The best thing about tag-teaming the recording of a podcast is finding out things about your co-host. Turns out Martin's got a long-standing dislike of the actress and singer Zooey Deschanel. I liked her record as one-half of the pop throwback duo She & Him, and I'm playing a song from their new records on this podcast. Read the rest of the playlist after the jump.

1. "I'm in Love with Destruction" -- Let's Wrestle
2. "Camera Talk" -- Local Natives
3. "In the Sun" -- She & Him
4. "Titus Andronicus Forever" -- Titus Andronicus
5. "All Day Daylight" --- The Morning Benders
6. "Maneater" -- The Bird & the Bee
7. "The Ghost Inside" -- Broken Bells
8. "21st Century" -- Locksley
9. "Laugh at Sex, Not Her" -- The Strange Boys
10. "Woke Up Near Chelsea" -- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

You can listen to the podcast here. A new window will open.

You can listen to the first Nothing Not New podcast, from March 18, here

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