Attention, Phoenix: We Are About to Take Over Your Radio for 4 Hours

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George Strait
Yes, a four-hour block of Phoenix New Times guest DJs is about to hit Arizona State University's student radio station, The Blaze.

Tune in to hear clubs editor Benjamin Leatherman at 11 a.m., me (music editor Martin Cizmar) at high noon, Nothing Not New columnist Jay Bennett at 1 p.m. and web editor Jonathan McNamara playing Japanese music at 2 p.m.

Right now shit is pretty standard: Stateside Presents' Jeremiah Gratza just showed up a little late and put on some obscure band from Canada -- expect some Get Up Kids next.

My set will be a little different. Tune at noon for a treat. Unless you don't like George Strait, in which case you should take your lunch break at noon.

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