10 Things Under $10 This Weekend: Rites of Spring Ball, Tim Barry, Miss Derringer, and More

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Deja Dance will participate in the Rites of Spring Ball on Friday at the Alwun House.
According to the calendar on our wall, more than a week remains until spring has officially arrived. But for all intents and purposes, it feels like it's already sprung. The last gasp of winter has come and gone, temperatures are rising, imaginations are racing, and creative juices are flowing.

Sounds like a perfect time for the sultry and stimulating shenanigans of the Rites of Spring Ball on Friday. The Alwun House event will be a delight for the senses, as ensembles like the Deja Dance Collective and burlesque troupe Romantasy Cabaret will amaze your eyes, the samba and Latin fusion artists of Afro Bailie will provide auditory bliss, and luscious appetizers are also planned to tickle the tongue.

Read on for more details on this spring fling, as well as the other events we're pimping.

L'Orchidée d'Hawaï at Trunk Space (Thursday)
The citizenry of France hasn't always been fans of our politicians or foreign policy. However, they seem to enjoy various and sundry bits of our cultural detritus, be it Jerry Lewis, McDonald's (the European country is the fast food chain's second-biggest market), or -- in the case of this French fivesome -- surf rock. Hailing from Chambéry, the members of L'Orchidée d'Hawaï take the groovy genre popularized by Dick Dale and made it their own. 8 p.m., $6. (1506 Grand Ave., 602-256-6006)

Tim Barry at Yucca Tap Room (Thursday)
"Tim Barry -- the 39-year-old Richmond, Virginia, singer-guitarist best known for fronting now-defunct hardcore heroes Avail for two decades -- has managed to slip into acoustic troubadour mode more seamlessly and memorably than most of his peers, and with near-universal respect. Part of that's because the candid, no-bullshit Barry has oozed sincerity and authenticity throughout his entire career; never one to embrace a sound or style because it was fashionable. A bigger part of that's because he's had things to say on his handful of solo albums, like the just-released 28th and Stonewall -- about his days and nights riding the rails, the harrowing deaths of close friends, the highs and lows of Richmond history (including a failed slave uprising in 1800), and more -- and a commanding voice and presence with which to say them." 8 p.m., free. (29 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, 480-967-4777) -- Michael Alan Goldberg

Rites of Spring Ball at Alwun House (Friday)
The vibrancy of world dance and the kinky arts will be on full display at this sensual soiree, which features performances by the Divine Chaos belly dance troupe, the Indigo Fire erotic circus, and other acts. Venus Anomaly will also demonstrate her burlesque bondage skills while Trishnamurti and Ensemble spin fire. The Alwun's annual Exotic Arts Show will also be on display in the gallery. Admission is listed as $10 in advance, but you can save five bucks by ordering tickets through the Web site. 7 p.m. (1204 E Roosevelt St., 602-253-7887)

Grindhouse Redux at Madcap Theatres (Friday)
When the hell are Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell gonna get off their asses and finally make Evil Dead 4? They've been talking about aid sequel for more than 15 years now, but very little has been done to get that chainsaw-wiedling badass Ash Williams back on the silver screen. So until that glorious day occurs, film geeks will have to satisfy themselves with watching the first three flicks on TV or at revival cinema houses like Tempe's Madcap Theatre, which will screen Evil Dead II this weekend as a part of the Midnite Movie Mamacita's "Grindhouse Redux" series. The 2007 slasher film The Hills Have Eyes 2 makes up the second half of this blood-soaked double feature. 8 p.m., $8. (730 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, 480-634-5192)

The Insects at Hidden House (Friday)
Although it's been awhile since Drunken Immortals members Brad B. and Foundation brought their hip-hop side project to the Hidden House, the duo is making up for lost time with a gig at Al Page's Friday Night Live affair. DJ Skip Skoolnik will also be in the house, working the ones and twos with aplomb while the Blunt Club's Dumperfoo does his live art thing. 8 p.m., $5. (607 W. Osborn Rd., 602-266-1763)

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