Nick Jonas Says Bob Dylan Can't Sing

"Oh brother" is more like it for passionate Bob Dylan fans
Last Wednesday night, Nick Jonas went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his brand-new album -- Nick Jonas and the Administration's Who I Am -- and shoot the shit with Kimmel. During the latter part of Jonas' segment, his recent role in the new version of "We Are The World" was brought up, and an interesting statement was made by the 17-year-old pop star. The original 1985 version of "We Are the World" featured a plethora of musicians, Bob Dylan among them. The new version was recorded to benefit victims of the Haiti earthquake, and this time, Bob Dylan was absent. However, Nick Jonas -- who wasn't born when the first song was released -- was invited and was even asked to sing Dylan's part from the original. Listen to what he has to say after the jump.

For those not in the know, I always enjoy a good piece of Dylan material (just google Michael Lopez + Dylan). I am flustered, at the age of 25, by how he remains as culturally relevant as he does in these times. People have pointed out that I "don't get" Dylan, and they are right. I have never liked his music and I choose to look toward other musical icons to idolize. It's my basic right as a fan of music to listen to whomever I want. That being said, I still don't think Bob Dylan had the second best album of 2008 and I am utterly confused -- after having listened to the album multiple times -- as to why Dylan recorded a Christmas album this past fall.

But c'mon, even some of you diehard Dylan fans know the guy can't sing. No one has ever marked him as having one of the best singing voices. Dylan can write the hell out of a song and he is an unmistakable cultural and musical icon -- but a talented singer? That is hardly the case, and no one ever came away from one of his albums thinking he has a lovely, even coherent voice. I am sure his singing voice endears Dylan himself to a multitude of his fans, but even the staunchest Dylan supporters have to know that people have been poking fun at him for years over the way he sings.

You think I'm too young to take the piss out of Dylan? Nick Jonas is 17 years old. Keep it up, young man. You've got a bright future ahead of you. 

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Alton Blake
Alton Blake

Bob Dylan can sing... really well actually. His 'bad' voice is fake... put on so that the audience will think "I can sing that better than that" and then sing along with him. It's really a pretty smart tactic.

To understand his lyrics you have conceptualize them in the same way you would poetry... think about the imagery he creates and then piece together those images to form the story he's telling. It's similar to how Picasso created two dimensional, abstract cubist paintings in spite of being a trained realist painter. If you can listen to the lyrics in 'It's Alright Ma' and not recognize the relevancy of it today, I daresay, you are inadequately equipped to review any art outside of that produced by the Disney corporation.

Bob Dylan earned his iconic status by being the first musician to elevate music to fine art. Nick Jonas is just this generation's Donny Osmond. No one but middle aged cat ladies are going to give a fuck what he thinks about anything in twenty years.


nick jonas doesnt have the sweetest voice either. dylan is better. nick sucks. woo!

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