You Hang Up - The Pop Band Featuring Former Malcolm in the Middle Star - Ditches Show at The Last Moment

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You Hang Up hangs up on local music fans.

You Hang Up - the band that showcases former Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz on the drums - has canceled its gig scheduled for this Saturday at Chopper John's. The reason given, according to show promoter Alia Souissi, was a "family emergency."

The band also confirmed the news today via its Facebook page: "Friends and fans, due to unforseen [sic] circumstances YHU will not be playing at Chopper Johns on Saturday Feb 6. Stay tuned, we will announce more shows soon!"

The cancellation comes just four days before its scheduled date and less than 24 hours following this post about a concert that's not happening now.

At press time, there were no immediate plans to reschedule the gig.

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