Non-Critics, Bon Jovi Gang Bangs, and More in This Week's New Times

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Jay Bennett's Nothing Not New column has given us all cause to think about, and listen to, brand new music, even if we're more inclined toward cassette aged vinyl.

But when do we, (and when should we) cross the lines between "fan," "listener," and "critic?"

Jay answers...

"They say everyone's a critic. That doesn't include me, apparently.

Even though I am paid to write about music -- thanks to my role as a blogger responsible for writing about one new CD a day at, an ostentatious yearlong project that has me listening to nothing not released in 2010 during the year 2010.

Yes, I put my published observations out there to be slammed, ripped, and thrashed by you, the music fan, in a public forum. That's okay, because you're a fan. It's what you do. And you wouldn't be a good fan if you didn't possess an irrational need to defend the artists' work to which you feel such strong connections. Critics are used to that sort of thing. But I've never felt less like a critic." more...

Kelly Wilson tells us about the joys of group interviews and gives us the highlights of one with John Bon Jovi.

Check out the latest spot to find Electrostatic, and we'll also hook you up with all the places for DJs and dancing. Don't forget that we've got show previews for the Asylum Street Spankers, Cheese on Bread, Mariah Carey, Henry Rollins, Matt Hires, and the Oak Ridge Boys.

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