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Welcome to The Grand Tour, a regular feature where takes you inside practice spaces, tour vans and seedy apartments occupied by Phoenix-area bands. This week we give you a look inside the rehersal space occupied by Hashknife Outfit. If you'd like your band featured, tweet @PHXmusicdotcom.  

You can catch Hasknife live at the Yucca Tap Room's Valley Fever on March 7.

Smells like: Clean air.

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Jeremy Marcanti & Miss Laura D may front a rough-and-tumble bluegrass outfit, but their practice spot was immaculate.

Most cherished piece of gear: Marcanti prepared two answers -- one silly, one sincere. The silly one was the band's beer fridge and its accompanying overflow mini-fridge. "For liquor," Laura said. The other was his collection of set lists, documenting the times they've shared with their buddies.

Odds n' ends: A Forest Whitaker standee; a framed pic of Jesus.  

In addition to serving as Hashknife's practice space, the cozy Tempe house acts as a crash pad for touring acts like Soda & His Pawn Shop 3 and Tom VandenAvond. The resulting sleepovers often coalesce into organic jam sessions, with Marcanti and crew goofing around on acoustic guitars out by the pool 'til 4 in the morning. "The neighbors don't mind," he laughs. "I think they kind of like us."

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DSC00606.JPG
Lyrics, presumably about heartbreak, loneliness, beer and awesome dogs.

Soon to be surrounded by Jackie O Warhol paintings. Shrine-tastic.
The band's invisible drummer.
A relic from before TAD went on to multi-platinum status...oh, wait...
Beer me.
Less bearded than her bandmates, for sure.
Ask Hashknife producer Jalipaz about Forest Whitaker's right eye...
The "one of a kind banjo-bass."

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