Is Parks and Recreation the Wu-Tang Clan of Comedy?

Parks and Recreation is a pure ensemble comedy, just as the Wu-Tang Clan is the pinnacle of ensemble hip hop groups
​What happens when a brilliant, critically acclaimed ensemble comedy comes along and enters our lives? The Wu-Tang Clan has to spoof the hell out of said comedy, that's what. NBC's Parks and Recreation is enjoying its second season and I, for one, am a huge fan. Parks and Recreation follows Amy Poehler as aloof, oft-clueless Leslie Knope -- the ringleader of the parks department of a fictional Indiana town. Joining her is a solid ensemble cast comprising Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones Nic Offerman, and Chris Pratt. It is that ensemble cast that caught the eye of the RZA, himself the leader of an ensemble, the Wu-Tang Clan. It was only natural, then, that the RZA have his own audition for the role of Leslie Knope. The Roots' ?uestlove jumped onboard with the whole idea, and what followed was pure comedic gold.

I saw this video yesterday and foolishly didn't post it up on here until today. It's music related --  enough so that Pitchfork decided to dedicate a post to it

It's really saying something when anyone, especially RZA, calls your show "the Wu-Tang Clan of comedy." We all know the man could act, if Ghost Dog, Funny People and Coffee and Cigarettes are any indication. Yet his turn as Leslie Knope is just subversively hilarious, especially as he repeats "girl power" while Rashida Jones wholeheartedly joins in.

It's a funny little bit, made all the more hilarious by Amy Poehler's entrance, taken aback by RZA's presence and declaring, "I've heard the Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with." "That's right, we're the motherfucking ruckus," he replies, and this sketch's fate is forever sealed.

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