The 7 Coolest Entries At This Weekend's Idiotarod Race

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idiotarod 00.jpg
The participants of the annual Idiotarod depart from in front of the Bikini Lounge.
​As that old maudlin saying goes, it's not the destination but the journey that's important. Just ask the participants in the Idiotarod race from this past Saturday.

The ultra-colorful annual event, which is put on by the AZ Cacophony Society and involves teams of five people wearing costumes and piloting wacky and wonderfully decorated shopping carts around downtown Phoenix, is ostensibly a competitive race with prizes handed out to top finishers. Truth be told, however, it felt like more like a pageant and a parade, where most of the participants were more interested in just showing up and showing off what they'd conjured up for their carts. (Awards were also given for the more creative and original enteries).

It felt a bit like Burning Man than the Baja 1000 out on Grand Avenue as participants lined up on the sidewalk in front of the Bikini Lounge before the race with their artistic and outrageous costumes and carts.

Here's a rundown of some of the most memorable entries, IMHO.

idiotarod 04.JPG
Alexey Pajitnov would be proud.
7. Team Tetris While the group's cart was very bare bones (with little or no decoration), their costumes sure weren't. Taking a cue from the classic Russian puzzle game, each member dressed as one of six pieces from the game, although when I asked them to arrange themselves into an actual Tetris, they didn't seemed amused.
idiotarod 03.jpg
Breakfast is served.
6. Chicken and the Egg Conundrum Which one of these came first? It's a question that has flummoxed mankind for centuries and made great fodder for this Idiotarod entry, as the above team clucked and cawed around downtown with their mobile nest and gigantic ova. Amazingly, said scrambler also hatched part of the way through the race, revealing another teammate. Hopefully the others didn't serve her up over easy.
idiotarod 05.jpg
I love it when a plan comes together.
5. The A-Team Speaking of upcoming movies, this fivesome reminded me how much I'm anticipating the summertime release of the new A-Team flick. Naturally, the cart became the trademark bad-ass black van, the dude playing Hannibal was chomping on a huge stogie, and their Mr. T/B.A. Barracus was sporting a Mohawk. (Thankfully, he refrained from wearing blackface).

idiotarod 07.JPG
We're through the looking glass people.
4. Alice in Wonderland There weren't any boojums or snarks about at this particular tea party, but it did feature the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Red Queen, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee., all of them looking very much like extras from Tim Burton's upcoming celluloid version of Lewis Carroll's legendary work. Oddly enough, however, these racers had to run twice as fast as normal to get where they wanted to go.

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