Show to Check Out Tonight: Mount Righteous at the Trunk Space

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Every year, I look forward to seeing the March Fourth Marching Band, whether it's at the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts or the New Belgium Brewery's Fat Tire Festival.

Tonight, at the Trunk Space another eclectic, upbeat, all-around-fun marching band, Mount Righteous, performs, along with Great Job and Bangarang. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.


The Dallas-area band, complete with xylophones, horns, and huge drums, boasts more than 10 members, who manage to cram themselves onstage to lead audiences through raucous sing-a-longs. Mount Righteous will come back to the Valley on Monday, January 18, when they play the Rogue Bar, but that show is 21-and-older. Tonight's show is all-ages.

Score a peek of their performance here:

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