Sam Means' Santa Isabel Soundtrack on Sale For $1.99 at iTunes

Categories: Mp3
iTunes is selling Sam Means' excellent solo debut, the soundtrack for indie flick The Sinking of Santa Isabel, for only $1.99 through the end of the month.

The former Format co-frontman (along with Nate Ruess, who now fronts fun.) did the record for a filmmaker friend and it's mostly instrumental. It's also very, very good. I made a big point of not naming a top 10 local albums released this year in my column a few weeks back, but I did mention this for a reason.

If you missed the free download when Spin offered it up back in September or if you, like me, misplaced the link to that free download, this is your chance to get it at a bargain rate. That's 26 very, very good locally produced songs for $1.99!

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