Russell Brand and Katy Perry Gettin' Hitched

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, resize.jpg
Russell Brand and Katy Perry in front of the Taj Mahal, evidently constructed by Brand.
Does anyone else find this to be a "What the fuck?!?" moment? I was surprised that they were dating, and now just four months later, they're engaged. The most sickening part: The picture you are viewing was posted on Perry's Twitter page with the caption, "He built this for me..." I'm not one to judge, and therefore, I must wish them all the best. But, come on! who on God's gray earth would've put the two of them together to begin with? They probably do have more in common than I'd suspect though. I mean, they both kiss girls and they like it.

STORY: Katy Perry and Russell Brand Engaged!

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whats up with this mans eyes? he looks like a crazed serial killer!

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