Michael Cera Stars in New Islands Video "No You Don't"

Michael Cera is having quite the week, and he kicked everything off by starring in Islands' newest video for "No You Don't"
​Perhaps you love him from Juno. Maybe your favorite role of his was from Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. I, myself, loved his work on Arrested Development. Whatever the case may be, you love 21-year old Canadian sensation Michael Cera, and so does Montreal indie outfit Islands. (Who, in turn, our music editor, Martin Cizmar really loves -- look for his "Best Albums of 2009" list later today.) In fact, they love the dude so much that they filmed a music video pretty much exclusively featuring him.

It's about damn time someone featured the Superbad star in a music video, and Islands' offering for their catchy tune "No You Don't" doesn't disappoint. Catch the video -- plus a bonus video of some of Cera as a 10-year-old -- after the jump.

Here is "No You Don't" in all it's Khartoum Winnipeg glory:

The video is directed by TV Carnage and, by the looks of things, they know just what the hell they are doing. Cera's constant wandering suits the tempo of the song perfectly. 

Cera's big week has to do with the opening of his latest film, Youth in Revolt, this Friday. He has been doing the obligatory talk show circuit in anticipation of the film, and he stopped by Letterman this Monday night. While doing the interview, Cera discussed how he has been acting since the age of 10 and even brought a clip to show some of his finer prepubescent work. Enjoy.

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