Can't Wait Until Next Tuesday? Stream Vampire Weekend's Contra Now

The sweater-loving Vampire Weekend is currently streaming their next album, Contra, on their MySpace page.
​Ah, the dreaded first Monday of the New Year. Today is the first of many in 2010, so fucking buckle up and get ready for whatever lies ahead. There are certain things that may help this transition into 2010, and music is certainly part of that. There is an impressive roster of early January-February releases ahead of us, and none bigger than Vampire Weekend's second full-length Contra, due out January 12. We already have the tracks "Cousins" and "Horchata," yet the band has been ever so gracious and posted the entire album on its MySpace page. So sack up, sit back and just let Monday happen. Fighting it will only put you in bad mood.

Contra will be released January 12 on XL.

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