Arty Girl: 2010 Designer Night at here* on the corner

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bride and groom initials with heart by lara leigh designs.jpg
Bride and Groom Initials with Heart neckalace by Lara Leigh Designs.
I really do love to poke around little boutiques for unique treasures. It's gotten to a point where most of my accessories come from small-time designers who craft at home. These days, I'm actually embarrassed to admit it if I'm wearing a scarf or hat that I picked up at Target.


That's why the 2010 Designer Night at here* on the corner in Tempe is right up my alley.

This is what here* on the corner looks like from the inside.
Here* on the corner is located on College and University in Tempe. They specialize in funky clothing, jewelry, stationary, hats and various accessories - all made by local designers.

Tonight, more than six designers will be on-hand for a fine little shindig that includes munchies by Simply Bread and music by Jacob Tyler Lucas.

So much better than a trip to Target...

2010 Designer Night starts tonight, Thursday, January 14th from 5-8ish p.m. at 714 S. College Avenue in Tempe, 480-377-0100,

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