American Carnage Tour Postponed

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Slayer's Tom Araya
air metal fans of the Valley, take note: The superstar-studded American Carnage Tour (which featured the '80s triple-threat of Slayer, Megadeth, and Testatment) has been postponed indefinitely.

The concert was scheduled to take place on January 23 at Dodge Theatre, but has been put on the shelf due to major back problems of Slayer bassist Tom Araya. 

This isn't just any old pulled muscle, as the Chilean-born musician will reportedly be going under the knife to have the problem corrected.

According to the e-mail we received announcing the postponement, fans are requested to hold onto their tickets "until further notice," as promoter Live Nation is hoping to reschedule the missed tour dates sometime this summer. 

Meanwhile, Megadeth will be announcing an upcoming solo tour of its own for this Spring sometime in the coming weeks.

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Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead

Just went to the show at Dodge Theatre. It was the best hair metal concert I've ever seen. JK. Seriously, Slayer is heavy as sh*t and they delivered as expected. Megadeth and Testament were also quite awesome and the guitar work was perfect. Best damn show I've seen in a long time.

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