You Say Party! We Say Die! Set to Play the Rhythm Room (!)

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Todd Duym
I've got a lovely bunch of Canadians...Vancouver's You Say Party! We Say Die! will graciously play Phoenix this March
​You know who loves finding out about just announced shows in the Valley? This guy. I, however, understand how this time of year is painfully slow for any real music news. That is why everyone and their mother -- myself, included --  trots out their best of/year end lists of songs, albums, movies, etc. Worry not, my own best albums of 2009 AND the decade will be coming in the next few days. It brightened my day, then, to find out that Vancouver exclamation point/plain old exclamation enthusiasts You Say Party! We Say Die! will be bringing their new wavey-goodness to Phoenix's Rhythm Room March 15. It's a solid boon to the Valley's slowly developing spring concert calendar, and a show that is certain to be packed with neon craziness and plenty of goofball antics.

Those astute observers of spring music festivals know that Austin's SXSW -- the music part -- kicks off March 17. You Say Party! We Say Die! are playing Los Angeles on March 13 and are booked to play next year's SXSW. That is plenty reason for them to give LA all they can and get ready for those big SXSW shows that are on their calendar. You Say Party! We Say Die!, however, are totally fucking decent and have decided -- unlike countless other bands -- to not skip over Phoenix on their way to Texas. I for one am enthralled that You Say Party! We Say Die! have literally gone out of their way to make Phoenix a part of their spring tour. 

It's fitting, too, since their fourth album -- XXXX -- will be released February 9 in the US (its already out in their native Canada and overseas). Everyone knows Canadian people are super friendly and plenty decent and, by playing the Rhythm Room, You Say Party! We Say Die! are only confirming this.

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