Wham's "Last Christmas:" The Literal Version

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While it may be super stupid, the literal version of Wham's "Last Christmas" delivers more than a few laughs

​A funny thing happened this fall. Someone started taking apart some of the 80's more popular music videos and re-recorded their own version of the song. These re-recordings featured the same music and melodies, but they featured one significant change: the lyrics were now different, re-written to reflect what was going on in the video. These literal videos started with A-Ha's seminal "Take on Me," and continued right on through Bonnie Tyler's creepy "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and Tears For Fears' "Head Over Heels." Granted, these videos are all easy targets -- they have scenes in the videos that don't necessarily match up with they lyrics of the song. A few days ago, another literal video hit the interwebs, this time Wham's "Last Christmas" was the victim of the hilarious literal parody. A fitting time for a fittingly cheesy Christmas song. Enjoy the literal version after the jump.

My personal favorite is the part about George Michael peeing. Rhyming "this year" with "piss here" is brilliant. It has to be difficult to find lines for all the scenes in the video that both rhyme with the original lyrics and describe what is going on in the video itself. They can't all be winners, but the few lines that do actually deliver are worth every penny.

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