Incoming: Phoenix at Marquee Theatre

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It's pretty nice when a catchy band has the same name of your home town. Thanks, Phoenix from France, for forcing people all across the country to start saying, "I love Phoenix!"

The electronic rock band, who is nominated for Alternative Album of the Year with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, brings their upbeat tracks to the Marquee Theatre February 1. Tickets, which are $25, go on sale this Thursday, December 24 at, Stinkweeds, Hoodlums, Bookmans and the Marquee Theatre.

If you can't quite pinpoint where you've heard the band, chances are you've listened to their song "Lisztomania," which was featured in the Where the Wild Things Are trailer and made the movie seem that much cooler.

The band's been around since 1999, but 2009 was the biggest year for the band in America yet, as their album hit number 37 on the Billboard 200, and their single "1901" became a radio hit. The band was also was critically acclaimed by publications such as Time and Rolling Stone.

And, thankfully for non-French speakers, the band sings in English that's easy to understand (and which is way better than Shakira.)

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