DJ William Reed Moves To NYC This Spring

william fucking reed road pic.jpg
William Fucking Reed is hitting the road for the Empire State in the spring.
​Start spreading the news: William Fucking Reed is moving to New York Fucking City in April.

The stylish 32-year-old DJ has apparently had his fill of being a Phoenician and will become a Gothamite after his moves to the Big Apple in April. 

The renowned hipster spinster (who ended his long-running Shake! night on Halloween) made the announcement on his MySpace blog on Christmas Day looking for a two-room flat in such trendy New Yawk 'hoods as Williamsburg or the East Village (natch), as well as some potential DJ gigs.

"It's just time for a change of scenery," he told me. "There's nothing really holding me back here and I've always wanted to move to New York."

Reed says he'll continue to work his regular DJ gigs up until the big move, including the recently launched Hot Fudge Sundaze at the Clarendon (which partner Sean Watson will continue to run past April), as well as Thursday nights at Hanny's, Fridays at the Mondrian Scottsdale, and his portion of the Jared Alan's weekly Cheap Thrills party on Saturdays.

He added that's he'll be making the move with scenester pals Bradley Thornber (a.k.a. Fotobrad) and Ashley Von Meow.

"There's already a dozen Phoenix people who already live in New York," he says. (Wonder if he's counting the members of Miniature Tigers in that total?)

Once there, Reed plans on eventually launching an "electric dance party" at an NYC club, as well as a rock 'n' roll night, and a pool party similar to the Adult Swim shindigs he's done the past two summers. He'll also be working on a musical side project in his copious free time.

Sounds pretty ambitious. But as the song goes, if he can make it there...well, you know the rest.

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Keep hipsters outta NY please
Keep hipsters outta NY please

Just what Brooklyn needs another fake Brooklynite..please stay in Phoenix...we dont need or want another could never be a "real" born n bred deese n dem kinda guy...

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