A.V. Club's "Least Essential Albums of 2009" Right on the Money

Yes, that is Billy Bob Thornton's band. No, we didn't need to hear their latest album.
​Sometimes an actor feels necessary to spread out their talent to other venues outside of cinema. They remember playing guitar in high school and deem themselves worthy musicians, unleashing album after album of rather uninspired work, hoping to sell a few copies based on their already famous name. Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy did it in the 80s, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe and Keanu Reeves carried the banner through the 90s, and now Ryan Gosling, Adrian Grenier and Billy Bob Thornton rule the roost of actors turned musicians. This leads society to wonder one important detail: when is too much simply just too much? The fine folks at the A.V. Club have wondered this, as well, and their quandaries have lead to their very clever Least Essential Albums of 2009. There is, however, one particular album absent from their list.

I have nothing at all against their number one pick, Everclear's In A Different Light. Art Alexakis, lead singer and only original member of the band, has since retooled things and turned the once formidable alternative rock band into a pathetic covers band. Gone are the glory days of "Santa Monica" and So Much For the Afterglow -- they have been replaced with unimaginative cover songs. What makes In A Different Light so awesomely bad is that the album is full of covers of Everclear songs. If the sentence, "The latest Everclear album features covers of Everclear songs" isn't the most asinine and ridiculous sentence you hear today, then good for you. Oh well, Alexakis is apparently content covering his own songs at glorified Scottsdale beer festivals. Rock on, pal.

As I mentioned earlier, there is one little album that could have been on this least essential album list. If you know me well enough, you probably already know what's coming. That's right -- I wholeheartedly believe that Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart should be included. It seems people think I don't "get" Bob Dylan, but seriously, what is there to "get" about him releasing Christmas music? Christmas music already sucks enough, why do we need his grizzled warble set to "Here Comes Santa Claus?" It was another album released this year that just didn't need to happen. "Must Be Santa" is one of the most atrocious songs I have heard all year. I maybe don't "get" Bob Dylan,  but I "get" how truly unnecessary him releasing a Christmas album -- in October, mind you -- was amongst this year's releases.

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