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By Daniel Greene on flickr Creative Commons.
The Museum Store at PAM. Now you can go there without having to go there.
So you may be sick of shopping right now. Or maybe you're like me and the holiday season just ignited your disgusting desire to continue consuming.

I can't help it. I like to buy stuff.

Either way, you should know that the Phoenix Art Museum Gift Shop (The Museum Store) is now online.

The online store launched the 21st of December and, after poking around the website, it seems they're off to a great start.

I've always loved The Museum Store for their selection of gorgeous, full-color, hardback art books. Not to mention, they've got an incredible children's toy area (great for picking up the latest Uglydolls for my nieces).

Now, I'm not suggesting you forgo the museum experience just to shop online. If you happen to need to pick up an Uglydoll, by all means, stop by the place and take in some art while you're at it.

And in case of a shopping emergency, you now have this in your back pocket.

Check out The Museum Store online at

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