Anyone Wanna Buy Sugar Daddy's? Scottsdale Nightspot Up For Auction In January

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Benjamin Leatherman
WANTED: Defunct Scottsdale theme bar/restaurant desperately seeking a new lease on life. This dame might be a bit cliché and worn around the edges, but she ain't cheap. You: Must have access to large amounts of disposable income and the ability to stay outta jail (unlike my previous owner). Willingness to tolerate underage drinkers, posturing scenesters, patron stabbings, and never-ending bullshit of Old Town's nightlife scene a definite plus.

All shtick aside, if you've got some serious scrilla (like a few hundred thousand smackers) lying around and a hankering to run a nightclub, shuttered nightspot Sugar Daddy's will be looking for, uh, a sugar daddy when it goes on the auction block next month.

The joint closed its doors earlier this spring and former owner Brian C. Roehrich was thrown in the hoosegow over the summer for tax evasion. It's been pretty vacant until the past few weeks, when a pair of the above signs were posted outside on the property advertising the fact that Utah-based Eric Nelson Auctioneering was going to sell it to the highest bidder.

The auction was originally supposed to take place earlier this month, but was rescheduled to January (lack of interest, perhaps?)

Personally, if I was rolling with six-figs in my bank account, the Bikini Lounge (which has been up for sale for around two years and counting) would probably be a better buy.

For more info (as well as some pretty pictures of the 1.182-acre theme bar, check out the auction page.

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