Weezer Coming To Dodge Theatre on January 15

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Weezer will play Dodge Theatre on January 15. Touring on perhaps their worst reviewed record ever ( a record, admittedly, I have not bothered to actually listen to yet) Rivers Cuomo and Co. seem to be getting more ink for Snuggie-style publicity stunts, like playing with Kenny G, than playing solid rock and/or roll anymore, which is not how publicists are spinning it.
With its rollicking communal spirit Raditude upends any expectations audiences may have of Weezer, amplifying their trademarks to a dizzying degree - the pop hooks dig deeper, the rock hits so hard it bruises - but the group subverts these signatures with a sly hand while pushing boldly into new territory. Within these 10 songs lie boundless possibilities and ceaseless excitement, proof that Weezer remains a band that defies easy summations and can never be taken for granted, a band who has grown as they've opened their horizons.

Personally I was horrified by what I saw from Weezer live at the State Fair last year, but I encourage you to see for yourself. Tickets here.

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