St. Vincent to Return to the Valley in February

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Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, will return to the Valley this February to play The Rhythm Room

It's a good thing Annie Clark -- better known as St. Vincent --  is such a relentless touring machine. The Dallas-born, Brooklyn-bred singer/songwriter played a show in the Valley just this past May at the withering-on-the-vine Modified Arts. It was May 31st, to be exact, and I know this because I was set to attend that show, only to have my hopes crushed by some jackass who rear-ended me on my way there. Long story short, that car was totaled and I didn't get to see Annie play. All hope was not lost, however, on the heels of today's news that St. Vincent will be playing Phoenix's Rhythm Room come February.

St. Vincent will play The Rhythm Room Thursday, February 11. No support has been announced as of yet.

Since Annie came through Phoenix, she has landed a spot on the New Moon soundtrack, albeit she has to share a song with the insufferable/highly lauded/ambiguously pronounced Bon Iver. Their song, Roslyn, meshes quite well with the rest of the noticeably indie rock roster. It is also, by far, her most listened to song on Lala (big surprise there).

So I get a reprieve, a second chance to make it to one of St. Vincent's shows safely this time. I just hope the ass who blindly rear-ended me isn't making a run to the store to get broccoli this time.

Please to enjoy St. Vincent's latest video, "Marrow:"

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