NSFW: New Yeasayer Video For "Ambling Alp" Is Frighteningly Sexy

Yeasayer's new NSFW video for their fantastic new single "Ambling Alp" confuses and titillates me all at once
​If you were wondering if you should make bones about the recent rash of NSFW music videos these days, please don't. Bands and artists alike are stretching the boundaries for what should be included in their music videos -- no bones about it. It seems the consensus for this recent run of visually stimulating videos is nudity, and who am I to argue that? First it was Girls' video for "Lust for Life." Following suit was Wayne (and little Wayne) Coyne and the Flaming Lips' video for "Watching the Planets," a video shot at beautiful Mount Tabor in Portland, Oregon. Never one to be outdone, yet one to be a little fashionably late to the party, Yeasayer has thrown their hat in this NSFW ring and bestowed upon us their new video for "Ambling Alp," the best song to ever name-drop 1930s German heavyweight boxing champion Max Schmeling. Behold the subversive little mindfuck of a video after the jump.

The one thing I take away from this video is how badly I want to hang out in the desert wearing a black hood and banging a drum. I don't know how Yeasayer made that particular image look so bad-ass, but they sure as shit did it. Also, those naked actors are saints for rolling down a sand dune like that.

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