Kenny G and Weezer Collaborate, Plan to Conquer Earth

Kenny G joined forces with seminal 90's rock band Weezer to create a truly...interesting take on the band's new song "I'm Your Daddy."
​Are you like me? Did you wake up today and think to yourself, "You know what Weezer needs? More soprano sax." Well get ready to get your mind blown and your pants rocked off. Kenny G, everyone's favorite musician to rag on, teamed up with Weezer to produce a unique take on the track "I'm Your Daddy," from the band's newest album Raditude. Bask in the glorious, resplendent video after the jump.

Here she is:

"I'm Your Daddy" is pretty standard fare, even for a band like Weezer. Rivers Cuomo loves to gallivant around these days, and why not? He hasn't aged a bit since the Buddy Holly video

This video/collaboration is what it is, as deep as that may sound. Kenny G plays a goddamn decent clarinet, and Weezer have perfected whatever pop/rock sound that they churn out these days. Why not have the pair join forces to put a unique spin on a song? Granted, anything involving Kenny G is dead by association, but "I'm Your Daddy" is a bland, formulaic song to the point that Kenny G's presence actually spices things up and makes the song better.

No Rivers, "This ain't believable," nor is it "predictable." Kenny G is now our daddy, and we have you to thank for that.

For the record, the image is my own screen cap, even though it looks very similar to Pitchfork's own.

For more weird Weezer collaborations, including Sarah Bareilles and Chamillionaire (of course!), check out Stereogum, the fine folks that brought this wonderful little bizarre video to my attention.

Breaking news! Weezer has announced that they will team up with up-and-coming rapper Bangs on an unnamed track. Not familiar with Bangs? Then please check out his video for "Take U To Da Movies."
No, I'm not serious. I just wanted an excuse to share this amazing video.

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