Frolicking With Fantasy Creatures at the Phoenix Faerie Festival

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Halloween is over. The costumes are put away, the plastic spiders and cobwebs removed. We'll have to wait almost another whole year before society again gives us permission to shed the boring, bland, neutral colored uniform of Cubicle Land and become sparkly fairies or scary monsters. Sigh.

Yeah, right. The best thing about being a bonafide geek is that you don't care what the heck other so-called "normal" (read: dull as a box of rocks) think of you. Especially when it comes to your wardrobe.

These lovely little mermaids were visited by dozens of women taking pictures "to show to their husbands." Hmm....

​All manner of fantastical creatures, from fairies and elves to green men and mermaids turned out for the annual Phoenix Faerie Festival this past Saturday at Estrella Mountain Regional Park in Goodyear. It wasn't nearly as crowded as some of the Valley's other dress-up fantasy events, but those who were there seemed to enjoy the festivities.

 More pics and a song about ladyparts after the jump...
This pretty fairy shows off her pointy ears -- and her fantasy drawings. 

​The festival was largely geared towards teens and families, with a couple dozen booths of incense, flower hair clips, jewelry, glassware and fantasy art from locals like Ragen Mendenhall. A lone food booth dished up funnel cake and other fried festival fare.


​Let's face it; some folks went solely to dress up. Fairies were everywhere. Cute fairies, bad fairies, fairies with masks and horns, even a fairy queen. Just look at any Star Trek or Buffy convention and you'll figure out that geeks are naturally drawn to any event where they can don a costume and pretend to be someone else...or something else.

Green Man or Swamp Thing? You decide.

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