Daft Punk Is Not Touring. We Repeat: Daft Punk Tour Rumors Are False

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Even NME got snookered by this one: A rumored Daft Punk world tour with a date at Yankee Stadium. Wait, has Yankee Stadium ever held a concert? Hmmmm. The Internet was abuzz this morning with rumors of a massive tour by the French House twosome but it's all bunk, says the band's publicist.

There are no tour dates currently planned for Daft Punk. The recent rumors of a Daft Punk tour are false. We would like to ensure that no fans are taken advantage of by fictitious rumors of upcoming shows.

Actually, it probably wouldn't have mattered for Phoenix anyway. As Nicki Escudero pointed out earlier this morning, Phoenix, the fifth largest city in the U.S. can't seem to get much tour love.

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