Arty Girl: A.ware Screen-o-Rama on Saturday

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Courtesy of a.ware.
OMG, can I borrow that onesie?


Naturally, I like to give a little background to the subjects I blog about. I mean, that's what writers do, yes?

So today, I'm writing about the crafting duo, a.ware. And when I punched in some key words to a search engine, waddya know, an Arty Girl entry was the first link listed.

Things have really come full circle for me, eh?

So I just took the liberty of copying the little bio paragraph about a.ware I wrote so long ago:

Julie Hampton, a teacher with a Master's in creative writing and local photographer, Carol Panaro-Smith started a.ware girls to satisfy their "crafty" side. Panaro-Smith makes gorgeous books, collages and photo cards and Hampton makes pretty much whatever her whim demands - belts, candles, cards, jewelry, etc. When the two get together, they screenprint t-shirts, scarves and adorable onesies from appropriated images found in old books.
Speaking of screen printing, their annual Screen-o-Rama is tomorrow!

Courtesy of a.ware.
You know it's cool if Tania Katan is wearing it.

The girls have all the goods on hand to set you up for some sweet shirt-makin'. You can bring your own shirt or buy one of theirs for just $10-$12. They have over 20 images to choose from at a measly $5 per image (or 2 for $8).

But shirts aren't the only thing you can pick up here. The girls have put together a Plant Bar for you to create your very own little garden. There are a dozen different varieties of plants to choose from. All have been rescued or are pups from existing plants (so sustainable!). Prices range from $1-$8 and you can bring your own pots if you want.

Oh, and, for once, don't leave the kids at home. This event is for the whole family.

Screen-O-Rama is on Saturday, November 28th from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at Alchemy Studio, 4022 E. Cambridge Ave in Phoenix.

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