Wait, You Were Considering NOT Going to Wavves?

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Wait, repeat that: Were you considering not going to see Wavves at The Rhythm Room tonight? Really? I'm so sorry... that you're a total fucking idiot.

Admittedly, I'm sort of a Wavves fanboy at this point, having written a column kinda-sorta about the band that quoted one of their songs in full and all that, but I've also seen them live and been blown away. Perhaps you, in your foolishness, don't hear the pure brilliance of this band, the joyful hooks just below the surface of their distorted noise-pop. In case that's the problem I'm posting the above video of the band playing "So Bored" acoustic. Maybe that'll help you figure this shit out in time to not miss this show.

Wait, you're going to Matt & Kim instead solely because it's free? I guess that's OK then.



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