Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Set to Play Modified

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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, one of Brooklyn's best kept secrets, is playing Modified Arts come November
​Being an indie singer/songwriter from Brooklyn doesn't exactly put you on the shortlist of being unique. You have to have either an amazing voice, be an extremely talented musician or have some pretty famous friends. It just so happens that singer Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has all three of those criteria points going for him. He will be bringing his show through Modified this November, in what is sure to be one of the soon-to-be-closed venue's last great shows.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson released his eponymous debut album July of last year to critical acclaim. It helps that he had the help of TV on The Radio's Kyp Malone as well as Grizzly Bear's own Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear. The album brilliantly showcases Robinson's unique vocals and songs that, while often dark and demure, tell intriguing narratives.

The press release for Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson pretty much sums it up better than I ever could:
The album begins with the demented campfire sing-a-long, "Buriedfed", a dirge disguised as a rave up, and it sets the pace for an album filled with unrepentant confessions played with abandon. MBAR takes the listener through a flawless sardonic narrative, detailing loss, excess, and blurred memories, all the while with an irresistible humor.
Be one of those in attendance, then, when Robinson comes to Modified Arts on Monday, November 2. In support will be Oklahoma indie rockers Evangelicals and Florida rockers Holiday Shores. Ticket info can be found here.

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