Microsoft Strikes Back: Touring the Microsoft Store

Jonathan McNamara
The Microsoft Store at Scottsdale Fashion Square
Just last week Scottsdale Fashion Square became a new home for chain department mega store Barneys New York and now this: the first ever Microsoft store. 

Jumping on the coat tails of another high-end computer store we won't mention, the Microsoft store is clean, shiny and covered in gleaming screens. In fact, walking by you might confuse it for, well, that other high-end computer store we won't mention. 

There were a few features that stuck out for us though including a kiosk that lets you order software. If the program you want isn't on a shelf, type it into the kiosk and and all necessary CDs and printed material are created immediately in the store. There were also several Microsoft Surface screens for patrons to play around with though Surface isn't available for consumers to purchase yet. 

See more shots from the Microsoft store after the jump.

Jonathan McNamara
Unlike...ahem, that other high-end computer store, the Microsoft store dedicates a lot of real estate to console gaming on the Xbox 360.
Jonathan McNamara
Microsoft Surface in action.

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