Less Than Model Behavior at Phoenix Fashion Week

Who knew the fashionably chic were inclined to be so fashionably wasted? Maybe it was the "party all night" atmosphere or the seemingly neverending stream of martinis pouring out of Scottsdale's famed Valley Ho this past Friday, but there was a lot of elbowing, a lot of cussing (even in the ladies room, where a woman apologized for using the word "motherfucker"), and a lot of slurred phrases. You thought what about that dress? It was "fantashbuloshus"?? 

The right way to do Phoenix Fashion Week: dress chic, smile pretty and sip cocktails slowly.
Of course, we're all teetotalers here at the New Times *cough, cough* so we were totally focused on the real reason we were sitting on a runway in the rain: hot new fashions from 8 up-and-coming designers including Bella Bijoux, Crystalishious and Peter Kent (handbags). Giddy up!


​Cute casual wear like this Route 66 pink tee from local designer Kiss The Girl was the norm at Friday's fashion show, which focused on athletic gear, t-shirts and jeans. KTG's other items included flirty, hippie-chic printed dresses and babydoll tops and graphic tees with peace signs and hoot owl appliques. We scored a fun horseshoe tee with the slogan "I Make Luck" from Kiss the Girl's Scottsdale Fashion Square kiosk just in time for a Vegas trip a few months ago. No big wins at the slots, but we sure got compliments on the shirt.  


​This adorable workout combo by Femme Athletic would certainly motivate us to visit the gym a little more (and the Wendy's drive-thru a little less). Femme also showcased a comfortable but attractive jogging suit, a snazzy red and white short set and an off-the-shoulder white track suit that seemed a little impractical. Then again, maybe you're trying to impress the dude lifting weights three benches down.


Valerie Ostenka's sleek black unitard-style ensembles were universally unflattering, even on the evening's lovely models. We wouldn't suggest wearing these in public unless you have a very smooth body with not a trace of cellulite or dimpling. On a positive note, Ostenka's designs would likely be hot sellers among yoga or aerobics classes where comfortable, tight-fitting clothes can be a bonus.  

​Wait, he had on jeans? Was that a blue scarf? I'm not sure any of the ladies in the audience were initially paying attention to the Timothy Maurice clothing line, but with a bod like this model's just a few feet away, can you really blame 'em? Once the drooling stopped, we dug the funky pockets and crystal embellishments of the line's denim offerings. 

Even better from behind...

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