Kanye West /Lady Gaga Tour Is Donezo, "Killed" by "Fame"

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Phoenix fans will not be able to witness Kanye and Gaga's latest tour, as it was canceled before it even started

Well that was an interesting few weeks, now wasn't it? First it was announced that Phoenix's US Airways Center would be the first date (November 10) on the upcoming Fame Kills tour featuring co-headliners Kanye West and Lady Gaga. Today comes the news that the tour is no longer. Bad news for fans of both artists, all 5 of you. Also bad news for those hoping to masterfully dodge security, run up on stage and take Kanye's mic and interrupt him...or something like that. What? No, I was never planning to do anything of the sort. What would lead to you believe I harbor any ill will towards the man? LiveNation has announced that refunds will be issued, offering a borderline sarcastic "Sorry!" for those who already bought their tickets. More on this whole debacle as it becomes available.

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