Google Launches Fancy New Music Search

Google has launched - albeit slowly - their new music search feature, making it easier to immediately hear an artist's music right away
Every wonder how many Google searches are music related? Two out of every 10 searches just so happen to be music related, you curious cat, you. Google, the internet behemoth, noticed this trend and figured they would spruce up their search function to easily satiate the widespread need for internet users to get their music fix, announcing their new music search feature yesterday afternoon on their Official Google Blog. Just hope that the band you are searching has a distinctly unique name not used in any other facet of popular culture or anywhere else, for that matter.

This handy-dandy video explains just how Google's new music search works:

Type in a half-assed lyric you just heard and Google figures out you're a Lady Gaga fan. What's not to love?

Google's partnerships with Lala and MySpace (recent buyers out of iLike) make getting a song to your ears a split second process, something which is a damn fine feature when the whimsical notion to find some new band sparks your fancy. 

The search function will slowly become more widely available, and as of now, simply going to and typing in a band won't yield the exact results as displayed in the video. I suggest checking out to fully experience what it is Google is hoping to accomplish with this new search feature. Time will tell when this search feature will function as fully as expected. As for now, the idea is a noble one and one that will help streamline the way we search for new music.

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