Sanctum Opens to the Public Tonight

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If you've been dying to get a sneak peak at Sanctum, Steven Rogers' newest dance club, tonight's your chance.

The nightlife entrepreneur is holding a "soft opening" of the establishment starting at 8 p.m. with DJs Kevin Brown and Chris Shannon on the record decks spinning tribal house music.

Much like Rogers' other joints Palazzo and DWNTWN, Sanctum will be open long past midnight (doors don't close until 4 a.m.), which means it's the perfect place to hang out after First Friday is over with and done.

Rogers has also given us the 411 on the various dance nights he'll be featuring at the club, which follows on the jump.

The weekly slate of DJs starts out on Wednesdays with .anti_space's Scot McKenzie spinning ambient/chill grooves and other electronic tracks, and Thursdays offers the "Divas in the House" night featuring house and trance music.

The "Pagan's Playground" kicks off next Friday night with Kevin Brown and Chris Shannon dropping some tribal house on your ass, while "Euro Satyrdays" will serve up even more trance music.

Rogers says there's also an electro night in the works for the First Sunday of the month, which should launch sometime later in the fall. Stay tuned to Up on the Sun for more details.

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Cole Shores
Cole Shores

Ive had 2 really poor experiences at this place.  Went with a group of 10 people about 2 months ago, one of my friends does not drink.  The bounced her out for not buying enough drinks so my group of 10 people left.  I chocked it up to that maybe they had the liquor board walking through the place.. so I gave it a second chance.  Went with 3 people, we paid our 5 dollar cover and had 1 drink at the bar.  The card declined so we paid cash and tipped the bar tender.  We had money on us but thats not the point.  They kicked us out an hour later because they thought we where not spending enough money.  We where dancing and hanging out, like people do when they go out to night clubs.  Its a really poor management decision in both cases to screw over your repeat clientele.. being part of the goth/fetish community we will not be back, and will tell as many people as we can about our experience there.

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