Definitely Maybe is 15 Years Old, and Oasis Finally Splits

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As Rolling Stone pointed out yesterday there's something sadly coincidental about Britpop's guiding light, Oasis, splitting, nearly 15 years to the day after their stellar debut, Definitely Maybe, was released. And, no, they have not split before, though they've certainly feuded plenty.

As I wrote in a column a few weeks back, it's one of the many albums that made 1994 such an amazing year for pop music. Morning Glory is probably a stronger album, actually, but it's those opening chords of "Live Forever," that get me every single time. Maybe I'm too Arizona-centric, but I'd love to find someone who could trace those jangly guitars back to a well-worn copy of New Miserable Experience near the back of Noel Gallagher's bookshelf.


1994, Oasis

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